White & Orange Pumpkins Acrylic Painting Tutorial | Easy Halloween Art for Beginners

We are painting these adorable white pumpkins with an orange pumpkin sitting on top in this easy, Fall and Halloween-inspired acrylic painting tutorial!

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****************Art Supplies I Used**************************

-Arteza Acrylic Pad: http://bit.ly/AcrylicPads
-Arteza acrylic paint set: http://bit.ly/ArtezaAcrylicSet
*Ultramarine Blue
*Cerulean Blue
*Scarlet Red
*Mid Yellow
*Titanium White
*Mars Black
-1/2″ Flat Wash Brush: http://shrsl.com/1ie6b
-#2 Flat Brush: http://shrsl.com/1ie6b
-#0 Detail Round Brush: http://shrsl.com/1ie6b

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