Shoulder Armor Tutorial “Tenth Muse” Drawing the Decorations (part 2)

In this video I show you how to draw the decorations for the Tenth Muse shoulder armor (also called a pauldron). This will be translated into metal and then affixed to the shoulder armor along with other decorations. I also continue our conversation about the lack of inspiration in our society today, and address the fallout after I said that creativity is dead in the previous video.

In this tutorial I show you how to draw with charcoal. I came up with this method many years ago (the Guyton Method). It is far more forgiving than drawing directly on the paper with charcoal. It could be compared to the wet on wet oil painting method made popular by Bob Ross. Instead of working directly on the paper, I lay down a layer of white charcoal dust first for the base. This allows for much easier blending, and very easy corrections if you make a mistake. You can also work in layers, as opposed to being trapped working in a limited space.

If you have not seen the first video in this series, watch it here first:

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For a more in depth drawing tutorial using the Guyton method, click here: