Scary Drawings – How To Draw a Ghost Girl Scary Step by Step | Halloween Drawings

Hi Everyone! In this Drawing tutorial we are going to Learn how to draw a ghost girl scary step by step .And learn how to color using steadler luna colored pencils

Intro music –

Materials Used in Kids Friendly Drawing:

Apsara Dark Pencils for Sketching (Good and Cheap) –

Titi Oil Pastel 55 Shades (Good and worth the price) –

Titi Oil Pastel 48 Shades (Good and worth the price) –

Faber Castell bi-colour Pencil (Cheap and okay) –

Steadler luna water colour pencil (It can be used as a regular colour pencil and water colouring too)-

Sketching pencil (2H-12B) –

Materials with low price :

Camlin Oil Pastel 50 Shades –

Camlin Oil Pastel 25 Shades –

Camlin Premium colour pencils 24 Shades –

Faber Castell Triangular colour pencils 24 Shades –