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Drawing is a great way to express your imagination. Toddlers usually enjoy spending time in creative activities. Teenagers also often draw. They can simply learn to represent volumetric letters, cars, robots. Parents may not share such interests, but still need to be sympathetic to the hobbies of the younger generation. Mom or dad can show the child how to draw a transformer. This can be a family evening. The teenager will then be able to teach this to someone from friends.

How to draw Thomas the Train transformer?

This Drawing of transformer is the main character in most comics, cartoons about transformers. Thomas Train transformer toys is distinguished by kindness, wisdom, nobility. This Simple drawings Such a hero would be interesting to draw any teenager.

Here are the Step by step drawing for kids using this Drawing tutorial for kids . using the Pencil drawings Learn to draw the Transformers toys .

First, it is necessary to make sketches of guide lines for the body, as well as the head of this transformer.

Then you need to outline the helmet.

Now you should pay attention to facial features. You need to draw the eyes, and the cheekbone, which should be triangular.

Next, you need to sketch armor in the chest and shoulders.

Now you can start to portray the right hand.

At this stage, you need to finish both hands of Optimus Prime.

It’s time to add volume elements to the hands and body of the autobot.

Next, you should draw the groin area.

It is necessary to outline the legs and feet.

Now you need to add volumetric elements to his legs.

At the final stage, you should work out the details on the body of Transformers toys.

So you can easily figure out how to draw a transformer with a Pencil drawings color . It can be left in this form or decorate.At last Coloring for kids choose the color according to your wishes. This will be useful for Children drawing .

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