Jedi Holocron & Gonk Droid Tutorial | Let’s Draw Star Wars

On the first episode of our artist tutorial series, Art Trooper Adam shows you how to draw a Jedi Holocron and a friendly Gonk Droid! Our squad of Art Troopers will teach you how to draw something new from the Star Wars galaxy in every episode. For artists of all ages and skill levels, master the tricks to drawing your favorite ships, characters, creatures, and much more, from our staff of professional ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) artists!

Adam J. Ely discovered many artisans and techniques that made the behind-the-scene magic on Television Specials and in the pages of Cinefex. He’s made a career of contributing matte paintings and 3d environment for companies including WETA Digital and Dreamworks Animation, and is now living his lifelong dream of contributing in Industrial Light & Magic’s Art Department and is currently working on Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker.

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