How to Draw + Shade Lips in Pencil

Learn how to draw and shade realistic lips step by step with pencil. There are many ways you can customize your drawing to make it extra unique. For more examples, check out my other lip videos which are linked down below…


Understanding light / How to shade:
Shading Techniques:
Learn to draw different lip shapes:
Triangle method for drawing lips:


HB + 5B Derwent Pencils:
Prismacolor Kneadable Eraser:
SmudgeGuard Glove:
Soft Tissue (Scotties)
Canson Drawing Paper (If you want smooth drawings, look for paper labelled as “fine tooth” or smooth, but make sure it’s thick so you can work it):
Try Canson Bristol Vellum, for super smooth drawings:


Tools – 0:20
Lip construction – 1:00
Shading base layer – 6:17
Light planning – 9:50
Bottom lip shading – 11:49
Bottom lip highlights – 22:43
Top lip shading – 26:58
Bottom lip cast shadow – 30:32


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