How to Draw/Paint a Wholesome Kermit Meme (Kermit with Hearts) Step by Step Tutorial Tik Tok

Thank you guys so much for 100,000 subscribers! I love and appreciate you all, and I will be doing a giveaway soon! I decided to do a bonus video to celebrate showing you how to paint the Kermit meme everyone has been painting on Instagram and Tik Tok, hope you like it!


Paint: Michael’s or Walmart


Send mail to:
Megan Weller
PO Box 564
New Cumberland, PA 17070

If you recreate send pictures with #meganweller
Instagram: @wellermegs

Camera: Canon Powershot G7x Mark II
Editor: iMovie
Location: Pennsylvania

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are honest and my own.

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