HOW TO DRAW LIKE A PRO || Easy Drawing Tutorials And Tips


Stress may cause various health issues and we know a cool way to reduce the level of stress without pills. Try art therapy if you are exhausted and stressed out. Drawing is a very therapeutic and creative process. Art therapy helps to balance your emotions and forget about everyday problems. If you love doodling try to draw simple kinds of ornaments to relax. Besides, all the ideas you will find in the video will encourage your creativity.
Some people think that it’s very hard to draw parts of man body like eyes, hair, lips. You may think that you will need some special drawing skills or even study in art school. Watch the video and you will learn the easiest ways to draw things that look really difficult at first glance. Follow our instructions on how to draw an eye: draw an almond shape, add shading around the eye and add eyeliner. Draw eyelashes and remember that they should have a different length. Shade inner corners of the eye and enhance the realism effect by adding shades and make it look sparkly. You can draw beautiful and realistic lips, start from 3 circles: 2 circles for bottom lip and one in the middle for the top lip. Watch the video and we will show you how to shade the lips. Another step by step tutorial will teach you how to draw realistic curls. Draw two parallel lines and keep shaping the curls as we show you. As a final step, add shading to show the volume.
You don’t need to study fundamental painting techniques, watch our video and develop your drawing skill and creativity! Don’t forget to repeat your drawing exercises daily!

00:09 How to draw eyes
01:44 How to draw a braid
06:50 Portrait tutorial for beginners
10:02 Quick ways to draw lips

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