Halloween Ghost Cat – GLOW IN THE DARK – SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech

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I’m so excited for this HALLOWEEN SPRAY PAINT VIDEO because this video is collaboration between Alex Kunchevsky and Me. Alex is Digital Artist who making art in Procreate on iPad Pro, and In this video I turned his digital art into SPRAY PAINT GLOW IN THE DARK ART. I hope u will enjoy in this video! Thanks for watching and let me know what would u like to see in some of the next videos 🙂 Stay AWESOME!
Watch Animated video of this painting made by Alex.

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Ghostly Cat 👻 ⠀ Happy Halloween 2019 everyone! Don't be scared, this cute cat doesn't bite! 😽 ⠀ I've made this animation in Procreate 5 that will be released later this year. It's just 14 frames in this animation and here is how you can do something similar 👩‍🎨 ⠀ First of all, I outlined the main shape of the ghost moving in a circle. Don't forget to increase the size when it comes closer to a viewer and otherwise to get a nice 3d effect. After that, it's super easy to add some details and colors. In the end, I've added some little particles, blue glow and make the ghost a bit transparent when it's moving away from the screen. That's it! 🎃 ⠀ Have you already prepared a costume for the Halloween party? 🧛‍♀️ ⠀ ——— ⠀ 📱 Tablet: #ipadpro ✍️ App: @procreate 🎵 Music: PeriTune – Spook ⠀ #halloween #halloween2019 #procreate #procreate5 #ipadprocreate #draw #design #illustration #speedpaint #speedpainting #digitaldrawing #procreateillustration #procreateart #ipadprocreate #digitalart #artistsofinstagram #digitalillustration #digitalart #digitalartist #speeddrawing #instaart #procreateapp #speedpaint #speedpainting #speedart #digitalpainting #graphicdesign #drawingtutorial

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Spray paint ART by Stefan Acanski a.k.a Skech