Easy Beginners Mandala Drawing Tutorial | Step-by-Step

Here is a super easy mandala drawing tutorial for you guys! Feel free to pause the video at any time if you need to, or simply slow down the video in the video settings!

CIRCLE DIAMETER SIZES (measured in cm for accuracy):
3 cm
6.5 cm
8 cm
9.5 cm
11 cm
14 cm
15 cm
16.5 cm


Canson Bristol Paper
Steadtler Pigment Liner Pens (#7 for this video)
Steadtler Compass

I hope you guys are having a great October so far! It’s been pretty busy on my end! While uploading this video, I am currently working on Yesterdays prompt for Inktober and then I will be off to work on todays prompt! The end of the week is always tricky now that I am participating in Inktober but I will make do!

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