ASMR | Pencil Drawing + LIVE Tutorial | Goku Black Rose – 2 Videos in 1

Relax, Enjoy the sounds of a pencil brushing away at the paper. Complete with a full whispering Tutorial attached to the video.
That’s right you’ll get 2 videos for 1 today.

Check the pinned comment for time stamps you’ll find useful.

Today’s videos are inspired by the many out there who enjoy the peaceful sounds of pencil art, I know I do.
ASMR videos come once every 3 – 6 videos. I will always mix content to provide a well rounded channel.

What is ASMR? – By Definition . ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’

It is a form of therapy, that sounds can be used to relax and destress a person. Visual and or Sound can be used to trigger this response. Some are more susceptible to it than others, and if you do find some relaxation here, well I’m happy.

You can use these videos I create as tutorials too if you feel, But today I went a step forward and added a live tutorial… Enjoy.