13 Satisfying Drawing Tricks | Tutorial Drawing

Awesome way for DRAWING TRICKS at school
Cool drawing techniques your kids will love. Also, they are busy for hours:) You will find out how to draw using such ordinary things as forks, earbuds, drinking straws, empty toilet roll and more. Kids will learn how to create beautiful starry sky using a cookie cutter. Moreover, you can use the leaves to make a picture. Watch a full tutorial. There is no need to learn how to draw beautiful flowers. You can easily draw lavender using earbuds. You will be surprised to learn how to draw a cherry tree using drinking straws. Take a fork and draw tulips or even a super cute hedgehog.
The next drawing technique is so amazing! Bubble drawing is the best way to have a lot of fun!
Let’s create a whole new world by doodling your fingers. You can draw different characters on your fingers. Moreover, you can create different histories or even make a film. We share some ideas with you: you can draw a dangerous fish, a scene from a bank robbing movie, friends that return from a party with a drunk friend, a man jumping on a trampoline. You can create everything you like! All you need is a black marker. Be creative and start an adventure! You will have a lot of fun with your friends!

00:10 Cool drawing techniques
00:58 How to draw animal with one line marker
02:34 Cute Dog Draw
05:56 Easy drawing
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– Sony A6500
– Canon 1DX
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