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where to find? pinterest board: https://pin.it/xcmox2zwbhqrol

h e i s h a e i s t y p i n g . . .

ahoy! so these are the minimal & aesthetic halloween wallpapers that i found in pinterest! enjoy!

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f r e q u e n t l y a s k e d . . .
↳i’m using my phone (realme c2); editing & filming
↳i’m a 13 y.o youtuber from the Philippines
↳my editing softwares are powerdirector and video guru (video) & picsart and phonto (thumbnail)

k n o w m o r e a b o u t m e . . .
↳my sport is volleyball
↳loves peach color
↳loves aesthetics

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↳instagram: @moonliqhtcry
↳twitter: @cruel_julius
↳fb (page): @heishaegrfx

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[ will update soon ]

for better quality, pls watch in hd 🙂