Lapis Drawing – 75 Picture Ideas

How to Draw Lapis


Pencil and some kind of black marker/inking pen.

Optional Materials:



Draw a circle and line to indicate the middle of the face/nose. (This is how I always start off. If you want to do something else or skip this step that’s chill

Draw the outline of her hair. Pay attention to spacing.

Sketch in her neck, shoulders and top.

Sketch in her legs, and skirt. You can use the line and circle guidelines if you want.

Sketch in her arms.

Put in her expression.

Wings! Sketch in the white highlights in the water.

Erase all the guidelines or stray pencil marks.



You’re done! Thank you for checking out this tutorial! I’d love to see your final product.

Let me know what you thought or if you have any suggestions. If there’s a specific cartoon style you want me to try to explain or a body part you want explained I’d be glad to try.